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Handling Static Forms - The Client-side Way

Forms are interactive elements used to get input from the user for further processing. Most times, forms are just used to receive input that requires no processing but rather just receiving data, this might be a contact form, RSVP, get a quote e.t.c Traditionally, forms are managed with the help of a server (also known as server side), but this is more efficient when you’re processing the data from the form, maybe a user registration form where the form data is validated, authenticated and

Git Commands Tutorial for Beginners - Everything you need to know

In this video you will learn what git is and how to use it to manage your code in a more organised way. We're going to go over the basics of  Git and explain the most important commands along the way. Table of Contents: 1. Introduction 2. Prerequisites 3. Creating a repository (project) with GitHub 4. Cloning the repository to your local machine 5. Adding a file to your local repository and commiting the changes 6. Pushing your changes to your master branch 7. Pulling the changes

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