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How to write a React component without using classes or hooks

With the release of React Hooks I have seen a lot of posts comparing class components to functional components. Functional components are nothing new in React, however it was not possible before version 16.8.0 to create a stateful component with access to lifecycle hooks using only a function. Or was it? Call me a pedant (many people already do!) but when we talk about class components we are technically talking about components created by functions. In this post I would like to use React to de

Learn React Hooks by building a Tetris game

Learn to create a Tetris game with React Hooks in this course from Thomas Weibenfalk. You will learn how to build Tetris from scratch using hooks like useState, useEffect, useCallback and custom hooks. Styling is done with Styled Components. The course covers the following topics: * Introduction * create-react-app and tooling * Scaffolding Components * Stage and Tetrominos * Styling with Styled Components * usePlayer and useStage * Stage update and player movement * Collision Detection

Build a YouTube Clone Application Using React

Introduction This article is for anyone wanting to learn and advance in React, by creating a real project from scratch. Building this project will solidify your knowledge of all the main concepts of React. This project will include React components, project structure, lifecycle methods, state management, passing props from parent to child components, API requests and much more. This article is suitable for everyone who is just starting with React and for those that already know quite a bit but

Learn how to use React, Contentful, and Netlify by building a beach resort website

In this full course from John Smilga you will learn React by building a beach resort website project. The project uses React router for routing, React context API for state management, Contentful headless CMS for data management, and Netlify to host the application. You will build a responsive website that will display hotel rooms and allow users to filter the rooms. The data comes directly from the Contentful headless CMS. This is a comprehensive 6 hour course and will cover everything you nee

How to set up performance and user tracking in React with Google Analytics

Keeping track of your users and your app performance is a very crucial part of modern web development. You may have seen reports of companies increasing revenues by simply decreasing the load time of their app by a few hundred milliseconds. Keeping track of your user behavior is also crucial. This will allow you to modify and build your app according to your users' preferred way of interacting with your app, resulting in happier users and more traffic to your site. Here is the completed proje

Why React Hooks?

In this post, you'll learn why, despite existing praise, the React team dedicated so many resources to creating and releasing Hooks. Along the way, you'll also get a soft introduction to the main aspects of the Hooks API.

How to add a CSS Modules Stylesheet to your React component in 4 simple steps

Let’s say you’d like to add a CSS Modules Stylesheet to your project. You can find Create React App’s guidance [] here, but essentially — and as the guidance states — CSS Modules let you use the same CSS selector in different files without worrying about naming clashes. This works because each HTML element in your file that you want to style is automatically given a unique class name. This can seem quite confusing

What to expect in React v17 - LogRocket Blog

React 17 is a major release with several reasons for React developers to get excited. Not only does it provide some amazing, new features that will redefine how React applications are built, but it also expands on recently introduced features (such as Hooks) with incremental changes that allow developers to make better use of them.

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